The Womb before the Chamber: Part 3 of my visit to America’s Stonehenge #americasstonehenge #ancientsites #sacredsites #traveladventures #dragonlines #dragonstones #mysteryhill

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It was hot last Wednesday, and humid, with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. My body does not like this type of weather, and I was quite uncomfortable at times walking the Mystery Hill, especially once we reached the top and shade was hard to come by. As I mentioned in my second post, we took the marked trail clockwise up the hill. During our ascent I noticed the curious walls of stone that always seemed to end with larger rocks bearing striking resemblances to the heads of serpents or dragons. Walls that curved inwards and outwards. Although the heat could have been a factor, there was a distinct feeling of being tested throughout my time here. As though my cells were being called to shed and be reborn.

These types of places tend to test, calling their visitors to pull the inner out to be processed. I felt this even more acutely later on as I gazed upon the curious rocks below that were found in one of the stone walls. One face seemed to pull me to the right, while a smaller rock on its back pulled to the left. It made me think of the circle around the hill, and how I had wanted to walk counter-clockwise…

This stonewall, leading to the Astronomical Trail, contained an interesting hybrid rock, the bottom “being” seemed to pull in one direction, while the top, in the other.

A small south-facing stone chamber sits at the area below the site that is now referred to as the Pattee Area of America’s Stonehenge. Above its earthen roof, lilacs, presumably planted by the Pattees, bloom in May. It’s difficult to know what the original structure looked like, as it has been rebuilt over the years, or what it was used for. It is one of several cave-like enclosures of various sizes on the hill. Tucked into the body of Earth, it has the feel of a place where one could hibernate to await the rebirth of spring.

The South-facing Chamber. The photo was taken during my April 2014 visit.

A well-like structure sits nearby, just to the upper right of the chamber. Its opening is covered in a wire mesh, and for a few feet in depth the unaided eyes can see a descending cylinder formed by stones. To the right of the south-facing chamber, the remnants of a stone wall that aligns with the true north-south axis leads up the hill a short way toward the central site.

A stone wall on the true north-south axis leads up the hill. You’ll note the more modern fencing cutting through it.

To the left of the well there is an area referred to as “The Pulpit,” which is speculated to have been used in more modern times as a loading dock for quarrying stones. Nearby, and further to the left, a large stone slab with a 90-degree hole chiseled through it can be found. A remarkable feat even by modern standards.  The ground turns to stone ledge here, and there are many areas marked with white paint, speculated to be chiseled channels for tool sharpening and to direct the flow of water (or perhaps other liquids…)

A passage for water has a distinct vulva-like shape as noted by Deb. It exists nearby the Mensal Stone and the V-Hut

I am not altogether surprised I did not take many photos of this particular area of the site. By the time I reached the Mensal Stone, en route to the V-Stone, my inner sight had begun to pass me through time.

The “Mensal” stone is a 6-8 ton slab tucked into rocks.

I was present, but not wholly present, as the three of us approached the womb and joined hands.

The “V Hut.” There is no explanation in the brochure for this structure, which I refer to as “The Womb”…

I can recall Deb remarking about angles and wondering why the lines needed to be drawn straight into a point when we arrived at this mysterious structure…the dropping of items we had brought beside our feet…and my voice rambling words to describe a landscape that only partially remained around us…

I saw serpents in the living stone surrounding the hillside, drawing the fire inward and outward, swirling the waters within. I could feel it building inside of me, cooling the water in an alchemical dance of convergence at the womb where one enters to be reborn. I could feel the elements surging through the rock upon which I stood, rising through the soles of my feet and out through my pores which had opened to receive. Every hair on my body was standing on end. “Look,” I told Deb and Sophia, as I stretched out my arms.


We knew, as we stood before this distinctly feminine structure,  we had found the place where we were meant to gather. Three women stopping to be present with the land while the sun burned down upon us as we formed a trinity of hands. A triangle of energy like the one before us, drawing the sacred feminine to meet the dragon’s fire as it entered the V…

To be continued…

19 thoughts on “The Womb before the Chamber: Part 3 of my visit to America’s Stonehenge #americasstonehenge #ancientsites #sacredsites #traveladventures #dragonlines #dragonstones #mysteryhill

  1. Suzanne

    I’ve read this one before Part 2 due to way my Reader works. I completely agree about places like this testing you. I have had similar experiences at aboriginal sites in Australia. The photos of the peculiar formations you saw and the way they have been altered by others coming along much later sent shivers down my spine. Your experience of the place and of the womb area is electrifying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading about this journey. These experiences can be challenging to put into words, can’t they? The womb area as something else…quite unexpected, but then that’s probably how it should happen.


      1. Suzanne

        I know what you mean about it being hard to describe these multi-dimensional experiences. It’s hard not to make them seem fanciful. I think you did a good job with this one. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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