A Second-Self…

The Silent Eye



My vizier says you have tidings of some import to my realm?


Great lord, I bring dire news! A threat to the kingdom… 


Speak, man! If what you say is true, let us have no ceremony. What is it that you have seen?


Why, I have seen a giant, my king!


A giant? Pah! You have been listening to tavern stories.


No, my lord, with my own eyes I saw him.


If your eyes have played you false, then your tongue sets you at risk, Trapper. Tell me of this giant…


My eyes serve me well, my lord, and are, as always, at your service. 


Where and when did you see this apparition?


I was hunting in the forest, lord. It is true that there was gossip in the tavern, but I thought as you…that it was…

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