Good People Doing Good Things — Today’s Youth

Love these Earth Warriors ❤

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My friend rawgod had an idea for this week’s ‘good people’ post that I am pondering, but simply have not had time to pull it together yet, so perhaps next week.  No, I won’t give you a hint, for then you’ll pester me.  But what I do have for you today are some kids who are taking more than their share of responsibility for the wildlife on our planet.  These four have been hailed as ‘eco-heroes’ by the Sierra Club and I think you’ll see why.

Dessi-2Desmond Sieburth, nicknamed Dessi, lives in Pasadena, California.  Sieburth, a young bird conservationist, explains, “I got into birding when I was eight years old, after making a bird feeder.” Sieburth’s frequent birding expeditions soon led him to the unfortunate truth that populations of many types of birds are declining, thanks to factors including deforestation. So, he decided to help. To start, he made…

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