Finding Faith

If we all do our part, perhaps we will make a difference for the greater good:

Being in Nature

Southern summer heat
cracking open my thoughts
– no place to hide

The latest scientific report from Antarctica shows the ice sheet is melting from beneath exposing more glaciers.  As a result sea levels are now predicted to rise at a faster rate than was estimated previously.

I guess I could agitate for change but I don’t have much faith in politicians.   Their agenda seems to be about exacerbating international conflict to distract the masses from the greater reality.  As usual I find the only place I can really effect change is in my own life.  Consciously changing – not just in the outer world – but within.   By letting go of old ways of being and thinking I change the way my actions impact on the environment and on other people.

Ultimately this is what I have faith in – the power of the individual to grow in awareness. …

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