The Path to Truth #spirituality #truthseeker

Paths Divided or United?

Some people might call me a “New Ager,” others might assume I’m into the occult and therefore play in dark arts. Neither of which are my truth. I am, simply a seeker of the greater Truth that join us all. Is this not, ultimately, the path we each walk?  Yet how many of us choose to label in an effort to divide, instead of unify?

I was just on Instagram, scrolling through posts and had to stop at one and write this blog. I was tempted to comment, but I didn’t want to fire up a debate. The post was religious in nature, from a young woman who had turned to the teachings of the Bible, which had saved her from the “New Age” movement she had been pulled into.

Does there have to be a “right” path and a “wrong” path? Is this not the ultimate goal we are all trying to overcome? To embrace a journey, in whatever way it opens for us individually, which leads to the truth of our being? Is there a need to label it, and call another path wrong, because it is not the one we chose? When all paths of Truth lead to the Light, why must we divide them?

I’ll admit, this deeply troubles me. Those who claim to be holier than another because of their belief troubles me. I think about what divides instead of unites and how wars are made of this stuff, whether between two people, or entire nations.

Therefore should we not beware a path that seeks to divide instead of unite?

A recent Instagram post of mine

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