Eye #Writephoto prompt #SueVincent

Here’s my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #write photo prompt challenge, “Eye”:


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


The librarian looked over her glasses and pushed the ancient book across the counter towards Stella. “You said you found it under the bridge, did you? With all that water?”

Stella fumbled for words, “Uh, yeah. It was sort-of floating.”

“It’s rather heavy to be floating don’t you think?” Miss Ivy rolled the egg-shaped stone in the palm of her hand. “Must weigh at least two pounds.”

“I don’t know,” Stella replied. “Thank you for the book, though.” She glanced down at the cover which held strange shapes she’d never seen before, along with the one etched on the surface of the stone. The mysterious symbols almost glowed atop a faded gray cover, and the book looked like it was at least a thousand years old. Impossible, of course, Stella, realized, but she couldn’t help wondering where Miss Ivy had found it. And so quickly…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the librarian’s words.

“Oh, you’re quite welcome. Do take good care of it now, won’t you? You never know who might come looking for it next?”

Stella could have sworn Miss Ivy winked at her as she lifted the book gingerly off the counter and clutched it to her heart. A rush of heat flooded her body. She turned toward the door, eager to discover the secrets held inside.

“Don’t forget your egg,” Miss Ivy’s words brought her back to the desk. “You know,” she told Stella as she placed the stone in her outstretched hand, “The Eye of Horus is a portal.”


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17 thoughts on “Eye #Writephoto prompt #SueVincent

      1. I think I would want to see it in person before I made my mind up. I can see why it is controversial… I am not one to dismiss something just because the establishment, deems our ancestors incapable…


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