Simple Ways to Save Our Home

Earth: Our Beautiful Home. Photo credit:

I am a passionate advocate for this planet, although I will also be the first to admit I can always do more to preserve and protect its health.  We almost always have a choice when it comes to our actions and how they may positively or negatively impact the environment that sustains us. Earth, the planet we all call our home, is not a luxury. There is no planet B, and there is no disputing the fact that our planet is in peril, and has been for too long of a time.

Remember, if the planet suffers, so do we. One need only think of the increase in global catastrophes, our inability to provide adequate nutrition for 12.9 % of the human population (source: and the 1 in 8 people who do not have access to clean water (source: Since the current administration for America lacks the foresight to see this, I believe it is imperative that we act on a local and individual level to preserve, protect and repair our shared home. The individual always has great power, let us not forget this. Here are a few conscious choices we can make to benefit the health of our planet, and also ourselves:

  • Eat locally produced and organically grown foods (your body will thank you, and so will the planet)
  • Forgo unnecessary/luxury purchases (instead of buying that pair of shoes you really don’t need, use the money to buy healthier products for your body)
  • Use or make eco-friendly products (be a smart consumer, check your labels and research the list of ingredients)
  • Air-dry your laundry (It’s easier than you might think. I use my dryer maybe 10x a year)
  • Buy bulk and use reusable containers for packaging food, water, etc.
  • Stop buying bottled water and invest in a nice canteen
  • Use reusable bags for all of our purchases, most stores even give you money back when you bring your own bags
  • Recycle and compost your waste (think about where that waste ends up if you don’t)
  • Use public transportation, bike, walk, and carpool when possible
  • When looking for a new vehicle, buy the most fuel-effiecnt choice. (I love my Chevy Volt)
  • Invest in clean, renewable energy for your home and community. Solar is becoming easier and affordable for the homeowner
  • Buy recycled products and second-hand when it’s an option
  • When it’s time for a new appliance, research and opt for the most energy-efficient one (your wallet will also thank you)
  • Turn the heat down and the lights off when you leave a space
  • Live life with gratitude. A grateful heart has a ripple effect, and those around you will feel it, as well as the Earth.
  • Grow your own food (or some of your food), and use your own compost to fertilize it
  • Conserve resources, such as water and fuel, and teach your children to do the same
  • Use green building materials for your home (do a little research when it’s time to build or remodel, there are so many eco-friendly alternatives)
  • Forgo the chemicals for natural ingredients (again, do a little research, Nature provides wonderful alternatives to cancer-causing toxic chemicals)
  • Please, please, don’t fertile your lawn with those cancer-causing chemicals that harm you, the planet and the insects that pollinate the food you eat). Embrace the beauty of a natural lawn, or forgo the lawn altogether and planet trees or a garden
  • Invest in organizations that are helping to preserve and protect the health of our planet (and applaud their efforts to make such an important cause their focus. Remember, there is no Planet B).

With that note, I’d like to remind you, that through the month of February, I am offering energy healing sessions and intuitive readings in exchange for donations made to environmental causes. For more information please visit my website:


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