The Return of the Queen

How does one condense a journey that is not over, but that began before a magical weekend where I played the role of Queen Guinevere at the annual workshop for the Silent Eye School of Consciousness? I am not sure, but here is what has come out of it so far. 

I walked the familiar path of day

 to meet Snake stretching the light, illuminating

what was ready to be shed, and

what was waiting to be seen


Later, in the land of Avalon

under a full moon, old blood began its release

and I gave way to the hunt

running with the breath of Boar

into a landscape once veiled


Here, you waited with your offer

and I bowed to receive the golden crown

but the habits of the false self

are a tight wrap and I held fear

in an unsettled heart and fell

once again, into sleep

only to be awakened by light


White Phantom of the night, you pulled the shroud

of comfort with a power that unsettles dreams

and I returned to classrooms to unlearn

structure, direction and time. Lessons

from childhood asking to be forgotten


Oh Guinevere, you, now I

break the threads that bind to reveal

the fertile land within. Avalon beckons

with her green heart, waiting

for the return of her queen


8 thoughts on “The Return of the Queen

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