The Ego

IMG_1104When I think of the ego, the Rider Tarot image of The Chariot comes to mind. That embodiment of masculine energy. In the card, we find a man sitting solidly on a throne in front of a background of civilization. He is a master of the mind, and the yellow energy of power colors the empty space surrounding him. Where will the chariot take him?

The obvious destination appears to be power. But power over what? The self? Society? What is the goal of the ego?

In tarot, there is a progression towards the ultimate union of masculine and feminine energies to achieve a weightless balance. Boundaries are blurred into an untethered soul who knows only the dance of divine truth. Can we get there without ego? Can we get there without all the cards that proceed it?

Perhaps. But, ego does have purpose. He drives us forward through that 3rd chakra. He gives us a path to voice. Notice the curtains of blue folded beside the figure, and the blue wings of truth balancing that yellow orb, opening like a book.

Ego moves us forward. He drives us. But at what cost? At some point we need to let go of the reins and allow power to give way to balance. To connection. It is not coincidental that the figure depicted on the tarot card is alone, his back turned toward society. The ego drives us forward, but it is a solo journey. Eventually, the heart will seek connection.

The ego wears armor, the untethered soul dances in the air of truth inside a shere of heart energy.

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