Finding Your Sacred Garden Meditation

Do you know what your sacred garden looks like? If not, close your eyes and let it appear. Your palette is the universe, so paint the picture in your heart.

The first time I visited my sacred garden I was meditating in a dream workshop. Here is what it looks like in  the canvass of my mind:

It’s twilight. Imagine, if you will, an old English garden. In its center is a well. Beside the well stands a white horse and a large green frog sits near its stone edge. Beyond the grass, surrounding the well, is a hedge of mazes wrapping around flowers in a matrix of mystery. Here is where magic hides in the form of fairies, unicorns and other “mythical” creatures.

My sacred garden is a place where I can meet and mingle with my spirit and animal guides. Each animal and guide has a lesson to teach. Sometimes horse appears, reminding me of my strength and courage. Rabbit shows me the fears that I am ready to leave behind, and Snake, the aspects of self that are ready to be shed. Eagle, a constant companion, reminds me of the power of voice and to follow my life’s purpose.

To find your own sacred garden, find a quiet space in nature, or inside a dwelling, and relax into a meditative state. Ground yourself to the Earth energy by imagining that you are like a tree, sending your roots deep into the Earth. Close your eyes and take 3 deep belly breaths.

Call in your spirit guides and angels, and ask that you be surrounded by a protective white or golden light. Ask for those on your spirit team who wish to send you messages appear, including your animal guides, fairy beings and unicorns. Clear your mind of thoughts, or, if they appear, let them gently pass through your mind like leaves floating along a river. Now it’s time to play.

Your mind is your canvass, paint it as you wish. Allow your sacred garden to appear to you without effort. Have fun. You may find that your garden is a surprise, unexpected. Perhaps it is a desert landscape, filled with red rocks and cliffs with few, if any, plants. Perhaps it is a mountain top, or a forest. Whatever appears to you, and feels right, use it. Build upon it. Add whatever adornments you desire, such as a dwelling, a pond, a wishing well, or a stone wall. Welcome in Nature’s children, and observe what animals and other beings appear to you.

When your garden feels complete, reside within your sacred place, knowing it is your own to take refuge in. Here you may find peace and healing. Listen and observe. Are there symbols for you to translate? Messages from your spirit or animal guides? Do you feel moved to walk around, to swim in water, or to ride upon an animal? What do you feel? Are you here to release a fear, or perhaps just to seek peace and balance? Allow whatever you feel called to experience to occur in the safe space of your garden, surrounded as you are with the healing energy of Mother Earth and the Divine beings that have gathered with you. Then, when you feel ready to leave, thank the Earth Mother and your guides and slowly return to the room or space you are sitting in. Gently move your arms and legs and take 3 deep grounding breaths. Give gratitude to all who have gathered with you and shared their healing and light, including yourself for creating this sacred space.

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