If I Put the Pen Down

…will my heart condense to a room without a door? It’s the question I asked my higher- self before the New Year.

What happens to the writer when she does not give voice to the words within her? Her soul’s song becomes trapped inside a room of increasing darkness. The door gets harder to find with each word that’s denied a voice.

Words bring in the light. They open up our third chakras (and, of course, our fifth):

With pen you pull the sun in/dissolve shadows into life 

In my effort to keep the sun shining within my solar plexus, I have decided to start this blog. I opened the door three years ago and I’m determined to not let it close.

We all come into the world with our own voice of truth, whether that voice finds expression through a poem, a painting or a pie. The point is to let it sing in whatever form it seeks.

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