The (Healing) Weight of Water

Healing Waters
Healing Waters

I fell asleep to water. Outside the walls of my home, a storm of thunder and lightning raged its energy, working to cleanse the atmosphere of the heavy humidity from the day. On the shelf beside my bed was the just closed book by Sue Vincent and Dr. G. Michael Vasey, The Mystical Hexagram. My left hand rested on the arm of my husband, as I silently sent energies to lift the heavy weight of water I felt within him, knowing as I did, that what one sees or feels in others, one also has within.

There is a reason that water is both heavy and healing. It is the element that both stores our emotions and releases them when we are ready. Have you ever noticed how some people appear heavier than others, not just physically, but emotionally. That idea of “carrying the weight of the world,” on one’s shoulders, or at least the weight of the past. An imbalance, or (dis)ease, within the body is usually the result of stored emotions.

We are made mostly of water, that element of emotions. So is the earth. Just like us, Earth needs to cleanse and release when density builds. Sometimes, like last night, she cries fierce tears. It behooves us to do the same. Sometimes we need to weep, or have a “good fit,” of release, in order to heal and rid our bodies of our stored emotions. When we do, we feel better, we feel lighter. After Earth weeps, the air we breathe is less dense.

In my dreams, I was standing inside my house with my husband, watching lines of water pour through the roof. A discouraging dream, you might say, but it became one of empowerment. There was the tiger who leapt from the shelf, filling the room with the energy of creation and power.  Out of the emotional element of water, we can create. Sometimes this takes a spark of fire – the element that overlaps the triangle of water to create the “mystical hexagram” that Sue and Dr. Vasey have written a book about.

In Tarot, the element of water is often portrayed with the chalice – a symbol of feminine wisdom and creation. The Queen of Cups in the Rider deck is one of my favorite cards, it shows us that anything is possible when we go within and create from those sacred waters of the soul.

Rider Queen of Cups
Rider Queen of Cups

To do this, we need to release, to bring forth those energies stored within the water of our emotions, and us them to create our individual gifts, such are writing, art, music, etc. This is where life emerges out of stagnation. Consider a vernal pool holding winter’s melt. The life that is birthed within those still waters does not stay for long. Compare this to a lake continually fed by the moving waters of a mountain river. Here, oxygenated life flourishes and cycles repeatedly through the phases of birth, death and rebirth.

Close your eyes and imagine standing near, or in, a stagnant pool of water, then a lake, a river, a waterfall and the ocean. The energy of water changes profoundly. What is the water in your body like?

When I woke at 2:40am, I needed to pee. Quite literally I had the urge to relieve myself of the water held inside my bladder. You could also say that I was clearing the water of that leaking house in my dream. Although I have done a lot of healing of myself, with the help of some wonderful healers, I am not wholly free of the clutches of water. Sometimes it builds and calls for release.

We not only carry the water of our own emotions, we literally carry the water of the World’s. Our bodies are made from Earth’s elements, we require these shared energies to sustain our existence, recycling our waste to be reused in another form, in another body that shares our home. Water cycles through bodies, it travels through the ground and is expired into the air as vapor. The element collects into clouds and comes back down with gravity. Water remembers where its been, it can only exist when it joins with other water molecules.

In this way, water carries both weight and wisdom. When we learn how to work with the emotional element of water, we become gifted creators and healers. We rediscover, or release, hidden truths and wisdom. Water can carry us to the fiercest places within, and it can also cleanse us of our sorrows and fears, especially when we add a little light.

After The Storm
After A Storm

Clearing Energy with Dragonfly


This morning, when I went outside to look at the flower garden, I found this dragonfly on the stem of an iris. Later, during my noon-time walk with the dogs, I walked along a forest path and called in the energy of AA Michael to help me release lingering energetic cords that may be inhibiting the publication of my memoir manuscript. As I was working with this energy, a large dragonfly, like the one I saw in my garden earlier in the day, flew beside my right ear.

As I continued my walk, I thought about the energy of the dragonfly and what it symbolizes as an animal messenger. The dragonfly that flew beside my ear was likely after a mosquito, as they were out in force despite the breeze. Dragonfly energy can work with us to help us clear the air around us, as the dragonfly on my walk was literally doing by removing biting mosquitos (who, when attacking us, drain our red, life-force energy), as well as helping me on a more metaphysical level to clear my aura.

The dragonfly, which emerges from the water from its nymph form (the female lays her eggs in fresh water), reminds us of our own connection to water and that we are, at any time, capable of rebirthing ourselves. The dragonfly also reminds us of the healing and balancing powers of water, and how essential the element is for our well-being.

The name, dragonfly, as well as its prehistoric appearance, remind us of dragons, and the energy of magic that has the ability to transform us, and shift us into new places of enlightenment and understanding. Dragonflies have been around for more than 180 million years.

Ted Andrews, in his book Animal Speak, associates the dragonfly with the number two (it takes a nymph two years to transform into an adult). Interestingly, my eyes were drawn to the oven clock today at 2:22. Doreen Virtue states that the number 222, when it appears to us, serves to remind us to have faith and release worry; that what we may be worrying about is actually manifesting itself peacefully for all involved.

Dragonflies, with their wonderfully large, orb-like eyes, bring our attention to the importance of sight and opening up to new visions, as well as to the energy of light. As Andrews states, they connect us to the fairy realm, and our ability to see beyond the ordinary if we are willing to work with their energy.

Like butterflies, the dragonfly loves to dance in the light, reminding us that joy is always attainable, and that sometimes we need to release the energetic weight that is holding us back (with the help of water) and learn to fly in the light.