Seeking the Sacred in Uluru

Photo by Grant McIver on Unsplash

I never quite know where they are going to take me, or what will happen once we get there. It’s become a game of trust and an adventure that teaches me as much as I hope it will teach those who read their stories.

The first character made her appearance as an orange and black butterfly. Later, when she transformed into a girl she gave me her name. Aponi. Then the five others  started appearing on the page. Three adolsecent girls and three boys about the same age. I thought more might come. I waited for their arrival and even tried to force a few onto the page, but it seems there had to be six warriors. No more. No less. So I allowed them to take their places on the points of a star, which revealed itself to be a labyrinth of broken light in the body of Earth.

Our journey together has only just begun, even though we’re nearly ready to release Book 1. The cover is being designed and the formatting will follow soon after. These 6 teens, though, are not ready to wait. They have me working on Book 2 (which I must confess I began nearly a year ago, and put aside for other projects).

Now it is time to return to their stories, only there’s one small challenge I’m hoping you might help me face. You see, one of the six has decided she wants to land in Australia. I’m not surprised she chose Uluru, but she’s thrown me for a bit of a loop. You see, I’ve never been there myself. I’d like to someday, but I don’t imagine that day will come for awhile yet.

Here’s where my request comes in. If you have been to Uluru, I’m hoping you might be willing to share a bit about your experience there. In particular:

  • What did it feel like to be in this sacred place for you?
  • What did your eyes notice?
  • What was the air like while you were there? The sky? The ground beneath you?
  • Most importantly, what impression did you have when you first saw Uluru, and what has stayed with you since?
  • Did you have a mystical experience that you would be wiling to share?

Any other stories regarding Uluru or related areas, such as Kata Tjuta in Australia would be welcome and can be sent to me via my email

With much gratitude in advance,