The Other Side of the Rainbow


I was a child of Doubt. I don’t remember playing with imaginary friends or fairies. I don’t remember believing in angels or a Universal Life Force/God. But, I wanted to, secretly. Everything I was told was not “real,” I imagined to exist. Inside the silence of my mind I created tiny winged beings flying amid the flowers. In the dark quiet of my bedroom I felt the heavy breath of spirits lurking beside me while I tried to sleep. Sometimes, secretly, I talked to a God I was told did not exist.

I think some of us need to forget in order to remember. I forgot who I was and where I came from at an early age, before memory imprints itself into the folds of the brain. Many of us forget our true, spiritual selves by the age of 7. As we learn to live in the world of our parents’ and society’s creation, we shed the aspects of self that do not conform to our perceived surroundings. The spirit guides, angels and fey that we used to play and commune with disappear into the invisible realm as our eyes close to the brilliance of frequencies too high to sustain belief.

There are moments, filled with a desperate hope, when I wish I could bring it all back, not so much for me, as I am remembering now what I have forgotten, but for my children and all children of our world who are forgetting. I wonder, as I looked at my practical preteen who loves fashion and sports, what happened to my little girl who used to close her eyes in pure bliss while she played and danced with “Raina.” When did my little boy stop going to sleep in room filled with colors only he could see? I didn’t intentionally will my children to lose their connection to the world of Spirit, but somehow, with the help of the artificial world we live in, I witnessed my children let go of the rainbow of magic.

How do I bring back their access to the realm of Spirit? Our children are brought up to believe in magic that is not real, only to discover that Santa Claus does not slide down the chimney on Christmas Eve, the Easter Bunny does not bring baskets of chocolates and toys, and the Tooth Fairy is not the one who saves their lost teeth. We do.

I struggle to make sense of a world of hypocrisy, while trying to retrieve for my children the real magic of life. We live in a world that has learned to fear the unseen forces that move through and around us. We do not trust what we can’t see, so we pretend it does not exist. Yet most of us believe in a universal life force from whence we all came into being. Why, then, is it so difficult for us to believe in a universal energy of Love? Why is it so difficult to believe that we are surrounded by sentient beings who share the same life force energy, as well as our innate desire for balance and love?

I have photographed my children dancing with fairies in the summer rain. I have channeled reiki energy into their restless bodies when they have struggled with sleep. Yet, they doubt what they don’t see. They doubt what is not commonly talked about on the TV, in classrooms, or among friends. I see my children’s struggle, I share it too. I am the “weird” mother they are both in awe of, and somewhat embarrassed by. In some ways it’s much easier for them to call me a writer, than it is to call me a healer who talks with and channels Spirt in myriad forms. I get it, though. I was that child too.



When I was in college at Bowdoin I took an anthropology class taught by a very bright and energetic professor. One day the professor told us a story about the artifacts that she had collected and displayed on a shelf in her house. They were from all over the world. Many were old, carrying the energies of countless hands. One day, as she stood in her room with them, all of the stone figures fell towards her, landing in a circle around her.

I was very much a skeptic in college, having yet to open myself up to awareness. Still, I secretly believed my professor. She was down-to-earth and incredibly bright. There was no indication that she was trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but rather take it off. If I had been taking the class now, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

I spent this afternoon pondering the fairy figurine (see photo below) that is perched on a shelf beside the window I face when I type on my computer. I always face the figurine to the right, towards my etched glass of two dancing fairies. When I looked up from typing my emails earlier today it was facing left, 180 degrees, its outstretched arm beckoning towards an orchid. I was the only one home today (but just to double-check I asked my family later if they had moved it. No). I dusted the shelf yesterday, and as I always do, faced the fairy to the right. I knew someone was trying to tell me something.

Maybe I was supposed to water the plants and give them some fertilizer. So I put a few drops in the can and gave the houseplants, including the orchid, a drink.  I was just covering bases though, clearly the fairies were trying to communicate with me. Heck, even my dog knows they’ve been trying to get my attention for months.

I just had to figure out what it was. I started by asking Doreen Virtue’s deck of Healing with the Fairies cards and drew “Environmental Awareness.” Anyone who knows me would not be surprised. I guess it’s time to buckle up, listen and pay attention, which is what I did for the rest of the afternoon. Here’s to another leg of my journey! Stay tuned…