The Dark Side of the Sun

IMG_4759I’ve been thinking a lot about Robin William since I saw the announcement of his death on Facebook yesterday. I’m sure I’m not alone. Even though I didn’t know his personal story and his long journey with depression, I always thought Robin Williams had sad eyes behind the etched lines of humor. He wore the facade of joy, which he altruistically gave to those lives he touched, while absorbing the world’s pain.

I’m not a trained psychologist, but I can’t help believing that many people, like Robin, who suffer from depression, are empaths. They cannot help but take in the sadness of their surroundings and make it their own. When there is an over-whelming darkness around us, the sun inside is covered in shadows.

Ours is a world of heart-breaking tragedy. If you turn on the news, you are led to believe that fear is the predominate force in our Universe. But, we’ve got it all wrong. It is love, my friends, it is love. The light of love is always there. The voice of love is quiet. It is the tranquil face of peace overlooked by the angry mask of war; it is the graceful beauty of truth silenced by fearsome lies. It is always there though. The light never dies, we just hide it, or worse, ignore it.

Robin, it is my hope that your beautiful light dimmed by sadness will help all of us find our way back to love. This is a plea to all souls lost in the shadows. Remember your light. This light is in all of us, as wells as in the myriad faces of Nature, and in the orbs in the heavens. We all share this light, yet we have let the dark side of fear take over so much of our world.

I don’t know what it is like to be chronically depressed to the point of suicided. Even in my darkest moments, I never seriously contemplated taking my life, so I can’t speak to the depth of Robin William’s sadness. I can only guess that the weight of the world became too much for him to bear. And, I have to believe, that if our world, collectively, were focused on the light, he would still be with us today in human form. May your soul find home again, Robin.