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When I saw Sue’s writing prompt photo from this past Thursday, I knew I would likely participate, but something told me to wait. This morning, I opened my inbox to her post from Ani and was graced with a quiet space to sit with what it had to offer. As Sue’s posts have a way of doing, I felt that familiar​ call to a faraway home that is, perhaps, not so far away.


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Your cells hum with the memory of a faraway home

Can you here it?

It sounds like sand moving through water

They move through you like a tide

Your body the cave

The womb inside emptied

Waiting for the flood

To fill it whole again

Life returns in cycles

And your body hungers

For the return

To grow the fertile seeds

Oh, I have seen you, before

she whispers light back into your cells

I too have been waiting in this darkened cave

Eons passed in a chasm of hungered silence

But it is nothing to me, only to you

I understand the tides

I understand the cycle

The long leave

Before the return

Birth is always a memory held inside

Your fertile ground

And I am here always

Waiting without desire

To welcome you home


#Turning #writephoto prompt #SueVincent


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


The giant had been stuck in the hillside for so long, everyone else had forgotten him. Tufts of red hair now curled a bald crown turned white from age and the hundreds of footsteps that scaled his summit to gaze upon the beauty beyond. The beauty that he could not see because she had decided he was no longer worthy of her perfect form. It was his anger that had gotten him stuck in the body of Earth. His pounding rage as he left her, sinking his form until only his head rose, forever turned away. Oh, but he could feel her behind him, lying in wait, ready, open, but not for him.

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