When I close my eyes (in meditation)…


I see eyes open to awareness

restrictions letting go

as a patriarch’s staff is laid down

I see golden wombs growing light

and wings emerging out of clouds

I see the vast body of the ocean folding into self

Volcanos erupt secrets

as a mighty oak grows strength

A queen with red hair waits underground

Above, the sky fills with ships ready to be seen

while Hathor holds the moon

On Earth, the rainbow goddess resurrects Truth

 and a Green Man becomes me Home

A Journey Back to Self (poem)

This poem contains pieces from shamanic journeys I have made to the belly of Earth.

A Journey Back to Self

I travel to the belly of Earth
to see the sun inside my womb

Serpent, you have rested long
coiled in wait at the roots

She, of the Fiery Eye, open
Night lies in a cloak of shadows

Shake free your mane, Skehmet
Ra waits above the Mighty Oak

Life grows in darkness
before it breathes Light

Huascar, I seize your offering
bring forth the boy in hiding

Quetzalcoatl of feathers and scales
I am ready to balance the star

And dance the circle whole