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I am honored to be featuring Lisa Erikson’s newly released book, Chakra Empowerment for Women on “A Better World of Books.”

OfficialAuthorPhotoCloseup-square-1024x1024Lisa Erickson is a writer, chakra-based energy worker, and a teacher who specializes in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. She is trained in a variety of energy healing modalities, and is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, the American Holistic Health Association, the Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, and The Breathe Network, a non-profit dedicated to supporting holistic healing for sexual trauma survivors. She blogs at Mommy Mystic.

I first met Lisa through her blog and have been following her posts for several years. When she announced the publication of her book devoted to empowering women by helping them to connect to, and work with their body’s energy centers, or chakras, I asked her if she would like to be featured on a “A Better World of Books.”

Lisa’s passion for helping women embrace their power, in particular those who have experienced sexual trauma, is not only inspirational, it is infused into all aspects of her life’s work. Chakra Empowerment for Women is a testament of this devotion.chakra-empowerment-cover-600x899 In just over 200 pages of text, Lisa has provided women with an essential toolkit of empowerment and healing. She writes in a manner that is approachable for those not versed in the language of the chakras, while offering a transformational guidebook for women of all ages and walks of life.

Using the  more widely known 7-chakra based system, Lisa guides her readers through the body’s energy centers, from the root to the crown, providing step-by-step methods using visualization, breath-work, body/hand positions, and sound, to connect with and activate the body’s energy centers.  After she guides her reader’s through the chakras, Lisa provides four more empowerment techniques for women to increase vitality and abundance, heal imbalances, create healthy boundaries and protections, and to connect more deeply with the sacred power of the feminine energy body.

Lisa writes in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand as she takes her readers through the body’s energy centers and explains the role and potential held within each one. Offering anecdotes based on her work as a healer and teacher, Lisa demonstrates the power of a woman’s body and its ability to heal and resolve trauma and imbalances through simple, yet effective techniques.

As a fellow energy worker, I found myself deeply engaged with Lisa’s book. In particular, I admired her support of helping women to discover the power they already hold inside of them.  Along with guided exercises to engage with the body’s energy systems, Lisa provides full-color illustrations to aid in the visualization aspect of each of her empowerment techniques. And, for those who prefer to work with audio recordings, mp3 files can be found on the book’s companion website, ChakraEmpowermentForWomen.com

While reading Lisa’s book, I found my eyes opening more deeply into the awareness of the way women’s energy bodies tend to differ from men’s, and the gifts that reside within. Chakra Empowerment for Women is a go-to manual for any woman (or individual aligning with a more feminine energy body) who is seeking a deeper understanding of self, and wishes to both heal and embrace the innate power held within her body of energy. Chakra Empowerment for Women will now have a place on the self of the library in my healing and yoga studio. It will be positioned beside other books that I hold dear to my heart as reference not only for myself, but for those who come to me looking for resources and advice.

To learn more about Lisa and Chakra Empowerment for Women please visit her website.

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Beware the “Spiritual” Cult Syndrome

We’ve all heard about the dangers of gangs and cults, but it is alarming how prevalent and insidious the cult-like syndrome is. I’m writing this post because I have fallen prey to it one too many times and I know so many others who have as well, many of whom are completely unaware that they are willing victims of this dangerous power-play.

My latest episode involved joining a group of “spiritual” practitioners and healers several months ago. A group that was not a cooperative, but an oligarchy. Mind you, there were red flags from the start (one that I could not ignore was the tagline of being “highly enlightened,” which goes against the heart and feeds only the ego. I do not personally believe myself to be “highly enlightened,” rather I learn in every moment) but I chose to ignore them because of my ego, as well as my idealistic heart. Despite all that I disagreed with, I really and truly wanted to help others, especially children and teens and thought I had found a venue to do so.

As I became enmeshed in this group, I became increasingly uncomfortable at the imbalance of energy that it was creating. Not only was it creating a financial drain (in the requirement of a membership fee that provided no return in the form of clients), it created an over-arching energetic imbalance. Although I didn’t want to admit it until it became glaringly obvious, I realized the system I had bought into was more about feeding the ego than the soul. No one wants to believe that about a “spiritual” cult group. Yet it happens all too often.

Many of us have heard stories in the news over the years about dangerous cult-like groups and the horrors of what happens to their members. There are numerous cults who claim religious devotional ideas but corrupt the minds and bodies of their members due to the abusive nature of the ego. I was an unwilling victim of the Hare Krishna cult when I was two-years-old and the story is told in my memoir, A Girl Named Truth

I was also the more willing victim of my family (cult), which is also told in my memoir. A strong statement, perhaps, but when we look closer at how our family units influence and shape us, we often find cult-like parallels and behaviors. Often, as children, we are completely unaware that there is a gross imbalance of power, and sometimes dangerous abuse occurring, because we so very much want to be loved and accepted. This desire can continue on into our adult years, even when we should know better because there is a part of us that believes we need to continue to prove our worth.

Whenever there is an imbalance of power driven by the ego, individuals can become subject to a cult-like situation that can be damaging and sometimes dangerous to their wellbeing. It can happen in religious groups, spiritual groups, family units, schools, the workplace, etc. and there are usually some common themes which should trigger red flags.

One or a few people placed in a position of power/authority over others will often use this power to take advantage of you. This can include asking for services without reciprocation. (The leader of the “spiritual” group I was recently a part of would often ask for free services from the practitioners in addition to the payment of their membership fee. This is a gross imbalance of power and energy.) In corporations, sexual harassment often occurs from misuse of power/authority due to hierarchical structures. “Favors” are requested from individuals who believe they deserve these favors because of their “position” in our life. In families, children are all too often abused sexually and physically because of the belief from their caregivers that they are subordinate.

What is, perhaps, most disturbing about this behavior is that it is often completely justified by the perpetrator. Some of whom are completely unaware that they are doing anything wrong. In their egoic minds, it is justified. Why? Because we seem to be conditioned to believe that imbalance is acceptable. That there is a hierarchy to our worth as individuals and that it is okay to be above or below another. Not so. This needs to change.

Unfortunately, we see it all too apparent in our political systems. Dangerous misuse and abusive of power leading to very harmful consequences, yet we continue to enable it. Why? It’s a tricky question, but when we look closely at ourselves and our vulnerabilities we may come to learn that there is a self-worth issue that needs to be addressed and healed. It can become a (painful) opportunity to heal and grow ourselves. When we heal the energetic vulnerabilities within us, we are less likely to attract those who tend to abuse and steal our energy and rob us of our self-worth.

I believe our individual and collective history repeats until we decide to heal and evolve individually and collectively. The inner tends mirrors the outer, and vice versa. We are a funny race, as humans. We tend toward the belief of superiority and inferiority in our own cultures, but also when we compare ourselves to nonhuman beings such as animals and plants. The irony in this is if we want to ascribe to the belief of superiority then we are naively fooling ourselves. Nature knows better than we do that the web-of-life is about balance and cooperation. If we just watched and listened to what is occurring both within and outside of us, we would come to see this more clearly. We would see that when we struggle, so do those around us. The planet is in crisis right now, and so, I believe, are we. Our egoic minds struggle to hold onto the false belief that we are greater than thou, when in fact, this division only breaks the One Light that threads through all of us. The light that is Life itself. When will we learn?

One of the driving forces behind this concept led me to write my newly released book, The Labyrinth. It is written as a young adult book, with its six teen protagonists, but it is not intended to be limited to this audience. I have, and continue to learn, from the characters in this book series, which I am calling Warriors of Light. Characters who must face their darkness to repair the light within and without. I still hold a crazy vision that unity can one day be achieved and that the broken lines of light in Earth and within Us, can be repaired into wholeness once again. That one day we may look at each other and see ourselves mirrored back, and the look given and returned will be filled with love and only love.

The Labyrinth by Alethea Kehas
Meet Aponi, one of the six warriors of light in The Labyrinth.