Dusk #writephoto prompt


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent



And so it is that we become

a branch of a tree

reaching toward the sun

A drop in the ocean

seeking the wave

A heartbeat drumming

the Earth’s pulse

Knowing the Self

is an infinite part

of the Whole

the waters of Life

are birthed forth

from the great womb

they travel the cosmos

in a spiral dance

collecting in clouds

that part the dusk of illusion

raining into the body

that is your life

and also mine

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Between #writephoto prompt #suevincent


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


Sometimes, or maybe quite often life

opens a path unexpected

parting the sides to test


of the yellow center

inside that responds to the will

that can divide with the mighty belief

that I Am more special than You

becoming the forced path

to nowhere


the I continues to seek more

until it discovers Joy

can only be found in that quieter path

which opens to a spiral

ever-turning inward

while expanding outward

to the same sun

that is within and without



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The Dreamer


The Dreamer

A self undefined, she follows the moon

pulling the tide into the ocean of her neck

to spill a blue rhythm that caresses the folded

notes of voice

Can you hear her heart song

rising through fear? It is drumming

Truth into a rainbow bridge

climbing scales back to the heights of Self

past clouds that offer rain

 to the Sun that gleams

in her belly, now radiant

How can you not see her brilliance?