Easy Releasing Fears Meditation

Find a quiet space and light a candle. Call in your spirit team (spirit guides, ancestors, animal guides/totems, guardian angels). Connect your energy to Mother/Father God and Mother Earth by opening your arms to the heavens, and then extending them down to the Earth. Sit in a comfortable position and surround yourself with protective light. Today, I visualized a bubble of purple light around me. Call in the archangels for protection.

Breathe deeply and relax. Open your mind to all thoughts without attachment. By doing this you are allowing anything that needs to be seen to surface. If you perceive any lower vibrational energies outside of you that are a threat to your energy field, surround them in a tunnel of rainbow light, and send them up through that tunnel into the heavens to be transformed into the energy of love.

Now allow you inner fears to surface. Know that each image or thought that appears in your mind is there to show you an aspect of yourself that is ready to be released. See that aspect of yourself in whatever form it appears. You may find yourself wondering why a particular image has appeared. Say, for instance, your mind recalls a person other than yourself. Know that person is mirroring an aspect of you that needs releasing. The energy may appear as a pain inside your body, or a feeling of heaviness. Allow that energy to come up.

As each aspect appears, do not resist. Welcome it and watch it. Recognize it for the lessons it has taught you. Then, when you are ready, effortlessly let it go, allowing it to be transmuted into the energy of love, light, peace and harmony. Continue this process as each “fear” surfaces, until you feel you are done. Your energy should feel lighter and more peaceful.

Thank the beings of light that were there to support you as you release and transmute your fears.