Distant #writephoto #suevincent

My contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #writephoto prompt:


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


And the gods declared, “Let there be Light.


while the body of the goddess stirred

the sleeping masses

For thousands of years

Man held the circle in the chain

of Fear

choking the life within

and also without

Only the stones can tell you the Truth

of  Time

They remember the sacred

as well as the broken

Open your heart to

touch their stories

 Birth, you will learn

requires a death

Not one, but many

Will you die

to be reborn

to remember

the Circle


Bleak #writephoto prompt #suevincent


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent 

Gaia had been asleep for too long, the land turned bleak for want of her touch. The waters surrounding Earth were muddy with despair. It would take a thousand years to clear their memory of force.  Yet, despite the heavy tread of man, deep within the crevices, hope began to bloom into life.

She could wait. Her cracked face nestled against the side of her ancestors watched in stillness. Her hollowed eyes recorded each step that passed and stored their imprints. Time was nothing more than an accumulation of weight, and below her she could feel the quickening of the land’s heartbeat. The reign of power was shifting, awakening the goddess back to life.

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