The Chimpmunk & the Serpent: Part 2 of my visit to America’s Stonehenge

Continued from Part 1


My body wanted to follow a path that wasn’t there. The arrows pointed left, while an invisible rope of energy tugged my heart to the right. I resisted the pull. If I had been alone, I would have followed the illogical urgings of the heart, but I was not. Deb and I had arrived without preconceived plans, but Sophia had brought her drum and offerings, and we both wanted to honor her intentions (I later learned Deb also had an impulse to walk a counter-clockwise path) so we followed Sophia’s lead along the marked path.


A rather blurred photo of our small guide in the fork of a tree that guides the eye to a wall of (serpent) stone


She was, though, not our only guide. I noticed the chipmunk around the same time I noticed the serpents. Out tiny guide appeared throughout our journey at the spots that wanted to be noticed. There are walls of rocks that curve the hill of mysteries. Stonewalls not unlike those that cover the New England landscape, but there are differences. I noticed a pattern before we reached the top. Sinuous forms leading to large headstones with the faces of serpents. Many of them double-lined stone walls, processional walkways that seemed to guide the walker. The turn of a face at their ends, directing the gaze, the feet, the energy…I recognized these forms. I knew the energy that ran beneath them. Magic stirred within me as I looked at my furry guide who reminded me of another type of place. I began to think of the Eye, of Egypt, as well as that ancient land of Albion…I was beginning to feel like there was something here, after all, that connected a long-forgotten time.

Sophia had mentioned there being an Eye in the rock somewhere on the site before our visit…but the connections needed to form within me. The stirrings of latent energy I was not sure still if ever, existed here.The energy that effortlessly finds me on that island across the ocean, but feels so much more hidden here.


A rather large serpent stone wedged between the trees marks the end of a wall of stone. Its open mouth and watchful eye have a distinctive dragon-like quality.

The serpent stones seemed undeniable. Sophia and Deb could see them just as easily as I, once I made the connection. Three crazy ladies, maybe, but something told me we were not. There were just too many signs that pointed us to something that felt like Truth. Could it be that there was serpent energy here on the top of a rather inconspicuous hill in New Hampshire? Is there, in fact, a connection to the ancient sites across the globe, which seem to share this universal, ancient symbol, which evokes the “dragon” lines of energy that weave the body of Earth?


A pair of rather curious rocks following the path of the arrow

I could feel the familiar stirrings growing within. And, there was that curious guide of ours, popping up in just the right places to draw the eye. As I mentioned before, in many ways the walls look like ordinary walls, and, sadly, the walls of Mystery Hill in Salem, NH, show the marks of time. The bodies of stone collapsed and sunk into shadows of what must have been their original forms, marking possible boundaries, or something else. Not often, though, do you find these double walls of stone in this part of the world, harkening the processional walkways of ancient sites in other lands, nor do you find the marked endings with large, curiously shaped boulders, or the large, shaped, and seemingly deliberately placed standing stones in the middle of stone walls here, which mark seasonal paths of celestial bodies. Our guide seemed to indicate there was, in fact, something more magical than a farmer’s boundary happening here among the stones.


Our small guide atop an unusual stone in the wall that corresponds with the seasonal path of either the sun or the moon (I can’t now recall where this stone is placed within the site)

Everywhere we looked, it seemed, there was something deeper, partially hidden and waiting to be found. Trees atop mounded earth and stone, curved, as Deb noted, in  alignment, besides their perfectly erect companions.


This curious area had the feel of a vortex. Note the two dancing trees between the straight bodies of their companions, all atop a mound of earth and stone.


To be continued…

I discovered a wonderful post by Flowing Water Shamanism on the symbolism of chipmunk here for those interested in reading about it. 




I Visit America’s Stonehenge (again). A Hill Filled with Mysteries: Part 1

It had been four years and five months since I visited Mystery Hill in Salem, NH with my family to see America’s Stonehenge. In the time between my two visits, I would make three trips to England, traveling to the original Stonehenge, as well as several other ancients sites.  A lot has happened in those four years and five months, no wonder I thought more time had elapsed.

The original Stonehenge in England, which is thought to be about 5,000 years old. This photo was taken in April 2016 during my visit. There is little resemblance to America’s Stonehenge.

Back in April of 2014, we were visiting the site with my sister and her family, and our four combined kids were more interested in climbing the boulders and chasing each other than searching for ancient signs and symbols, but magic was still afoot. It always seems to be at these ancient places…you just have to be aware of it.

The kids atop boulders at America’s Stonehenge

While walking through the Visitor’s Center at the start of our visit, I admired the selenite pillars and remarked that I might purchase one on our way out. After watching the brief introductory video, we made our way outside to begin our journey at the Kids’ Gemstone Dig. Approximately two minutes into the dig, a large, rather dingy looking selenite wand appeared in daughter’s hands. Spurred on by the promise of a much larger reward than expected, three more sets of small hands began digging enthusiastically in the sand. Alas, only small polished stones appeared.

What my daughter found alongside stones similar to what else was recovered by the kids’ efforts.

It seemed more than a coincidence…the talk of wanting a selenite wand, and within minutes having my daughter dig one up where there wasn’t supposed to be one…Later, while we were investigating the cave-like enclosures of rocks, a mysterious want of light appeared on the floor of one, where no light should have been. It looked, I thought, rather like the wand my daughter had dug up.

This mysterious crystalline light appeared in one of the cave-like structures during our 2014 visit to America’s Stonehenge.






Despite these mysterious occurrences, I found I was disappointed by the site. I think many people are. It really looks nothing like its namesake, at least on the surface, and although I hadn’t yet been to the original Stonehenge, I had certainly seen photographs.

The landscape at America’s Stonehenge is wooded and rocky, typical of New England, and the main attraction, when you reach it, is hidden from a distance and much, much, smaller than the megalithic structure across the pond. Yet there are similarities…much more than at first meets the eye, to original and to the many other mysterious, ancient sites across the globe.

Astronomically aligned stones surround the distant perimeter of the hill. One of which aligns with a stone circle (which we somehow missed as we did not have time to explore the entire perimeter)

If you feel into the site, you will likely either notice a quiet peace, or a stirring of magic long forgotten. The effect is not as strong as being among the megaliths in England, but both sites wear the effects of footsteps and hands. The original structures have been altered by the imprints of humans. The energy that feels like magic dampened as though sunk deep within the body of Earth, waiting to be stirred back to life…

What the central area of the site, now referred to as the Pattee area, looks like from the viewing platform on Mystery Hill.

Studies performed with radio-carbon dating show evidence the site in Salem, New Hampshire is as old as 2000 B.C., but there have been many inhabitants since this time. Native American artifacts have been found in the area, including remnants of canoes and a 2000-year-old wigwam, as well as several stones that resemble animals (I will have to look for these during a future trip, as we were more focused on other things and found only one or two).

The Ibex, or Running Dear carving, outlined with white paint, can be seen in the area that leads to the Oracle Chamber.

In 1825, a man named Jonathan Pattee took up residence on Mystery Hill. Why he claimed this spot for his homestead is still up for debate, but it is indisputable that he left his mark. One can only guess at what the site looked like before Pattee decided to make it his homestead. Many stones were altered and repurposed by his hands, some of which formed into his fireplace, others part of his foundation and storage caves. There are some people who believe the entire area was created by Pattee. This seems highly unlikely when you realize the scope of the site, which extends far beyond his homestead area to include standing stones aligned with lunar and solar events that occurred approximately 4,000 years ago. Why Pattee would configure stones into an oracle chamber resembling those in Egypt and Greece seems rather odd as well, not to mention balancing a 4.5 tone slab above it to manufacture soap…but more on that later. It seems odd in general that he would choose this place for his home. I can only imagine what he would have seen if he allowed himself to.

Inside the Oracle’s Chamber at America’s Stonehenge. April 2014

Whatever that might have been, we were here to find out. Three middle-aged women on a mission, carrying offerings for the ancestors and fey folk, a drum, water, and open minds. It happened to be a very hot, humid day for September, and we had only a few hours. We debated whether to watch the introductory video after spending several minutes surveying the artifacts in the visitor’s center. When we stepped into the auditorium, the movie was just finishing its cycle, but we were there just in time to catch words that spoke about America’s Stonehenge being on a line that connects it to Stonehenge in England and extends down to Newport’s Tower. I wasn’t even thinking about dragons until I stepped outside…

To be continued…