The Monk in the Bunker: A Visionary Experience #visions #mindfulness #dreams

Not exactly the vision I was given, but I like how this image presents a similar concept

I wasn’t exactly dreaming, in fact, I wish I were at the time. It was the middle of the night, or rather the wee hours of the morning long before the sun rises over the crest of Earth were I live. And, I was awake, too awake. My mind had become a playground for my thoughts, which ran amok in wild abandon, swinging from the neuron’s of my brain like defiant children refusing to go to bed.

As a teacher of yoga, you’d think I’d know how to tame these wild beasts into submission. I have plenty of tools tucked away in my yoga toolbox, but on nights like these I often find myself on the losing side of the battle. When the stress of life overwhelms me, I am reminded of how much I have become attached to worry. And, usually that reminder arrives around 3 am.

So, there I was, with my eyes closed upon the pillow encased in a womb of stillness, and a mind ablaze with color and action. Then, suddenly, in the midst of it all, the truculent children of my worries dispersed and a metal fortress began to take shape. The metal grew behind my closed lids in breadth and height until it was all that I could “see,” then wrapped itself into a half oval. It was, I realized, a mighty bunker so large and impenetrable I was sure it must be holding the most powerful of weapons known to humankind.

I was right. Even though what I saw inside was not what I had expected.

Floating within his own aura of light, sat a monk. His eyes were closed, his brow unfurled into a smooth canvas, and his lips lifted into the slightest of smiles. The armored shell that I thought was encasing him was nowhere in sight. Instead, all I saw was the monk, floating in his bubble of light.

The angst outside that armored fortress had disappeared and a pure, unfettered peace had taken its place, dissolving that false sheath that seems so real at those times when we succumb to our own distress. And that’s when sleep found me and welcomed me to rest.

28 thoughts on “The Monk in the Bunker: A Visionary Experience #visions #mindfulness #dreams

  1. I just love that eerie picture…Reminds me of the Caves of Drach (?)) in Majorca, where we sat (hubby and I) and listened to a beautiful, fitting piece of music and the gentle slaps of the oar of a lone rower in the water. One for the memory bank. Thank you. I too, sometimes wake at 3 or 4 am with an overcrowded mind…Happy Christmas! Cheers. x

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    1. Oh that sounds magical! I’m glad the picture I chose evoked this memory for you. Not sure what it is about that time in the night, but it seems to be perfect for stirring up the stuff we don’t want to think about. Happy Christmas to you too. ✨


  2. I popped into WordPress for the first time in weeks and found this post. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been waking at 3 am lately with a head filled with drama. I love the image of the monk sitting in peace in the midst of it. I think I’ll cultivate a similar resting place.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one awake at 3am, in some ways…sorry to hear it’s a problem for others, including you, though. I’m trying to make it a practice to cultivate the monk as well. Another technique I use is to visualize a bubble of joy around the world. Shifting to joy-filled energy helps me put my mind at ease. Hope you are well, Suzanne, and it’s nice to have you pop in. ❀️

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      1. Thanks Alethea. Yes, these times are strange for sleeping (and weird dreams). I had a similar experience to your monk the other night but it was so fleeting I could get much of a visual image – some kind of guide I think – just a brief vision, some good energy and then a deep sleep.

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  3. A beautiful vision and story. I used to teach meditation techniques as a counselor and also have plenty of tools tucked away, but there are those nights when the worries fight hard for attention. It was comforting to know I am not alone in this. The monk floating in a bubble of light reminds me of a poem/meditation I read about the goddess Kuan Yin floating like a pearl that turns into the moon. So soft, so gentle and comforting!

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  4. Alethea, an incredible and powerful vision – one that gives me goosebumps but in the best way! I’m glad you found a restful sleep. This is a post that will stay with me. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! ❀️

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