Our Last Stop of the South Coast: Homes in the Hillside #

As we departed from the glacier, we debated the time, which was now approaching 6pm, took in the low-hanging clouds, and weighed our reserves of energy. Deciding it was not worth the further drive south to see a misty and very overcast black sand beach, we headed back towards our home base. We had two more stops we wanted to make along the way back, and those were to visit the homes in the hillsides we had seen during our drive south.

There are several caves in the rocks along the south coast, several of which are on private land but open to visitors.

Two sites along our route featured signs that welcomed visitors, Drangurinn and Rútshellir. I believe both are on private land, and there are donation boxes near their entrances.

Many legends have risen from these mysterious dwellings, including stories of horrific murders, magical temples, and places where the hidden folk reside and might even be viewed. I did get a particular “feel” while visiting the Rútshellir cave, in particular, and even captured a mysterious green light while photographing it. But first here’s a glimpse of the Drangurinn dwellings that are accessible to tourists. They have been built-up with wooden structures over time, which are now mostly collapsing, but one can peek into some of their interiors and contemplate what it might have been like to live there.

As mentioned, I found the Rútshellir caves to be particularly intriguing. Visitors can walk into their interiors and get a real feel for the place. Apparently even the Nazis were intrigued by these caves, convinced they were once a sacred temple and held secrets they could possibly decode. Whatever they were used for over the years, the caves still hold an aura of mystery and intrigue. I like to think the hidden folks haunt these hills and find shelter in the caves. Hidden by most who peer into them, but not by all…

Did you see the green light in one of the photos? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Our Last Stop of the South Coast: Homes in the Hillside #

  1. Irene Buchine

    Love these dwellings. Was the green light a reflection of moss? It looks like the cave walls are covered in green moss? But then again, I wasn’t there!!!! Was there moss covering the cave walls?

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