The Land of Oz & Alice: Adventures in Dreamland #dreams #dreaminterpretation #dreamsymbolism

It should come as no surprise to me that Sue would find a way to weave her wisdom into the realm of my dreams. She knew me better than most, and what better place to seed the journey than through the map of the subconscious.

Sue also knew I loved to study dreams. In my weekly journal correspondence I could not help including a dream or two as they always, inevitably, related to waking life experiences. That’s the way dreams work, even though they may appear random and irrational at first glance. There is always a lesson (and usually many) to uncover when one takes the time to delve into their symbolism. Mostly Sue made me uncover them for myself. It seems nothing has changed 🙂

Thankfully, as Sue well knew, I love symbolism. My mind is ever-searching out the meaning hidden below the surface of life. And, to be quite honest, I was surprised and a little dismayed that she hadn’t appeared sooner in the land of my dreams.

It was, alas, a mere cameo… about two weeks ago. I nearly missed her. She came and went so fast from the dream I could have doubted it was Sue if I didn’t know her better. And she uttered just one word: “Jabberwocky.”

You’ve got to be kidding!

No doubt she was chuckling a bit. Fair enough. I do like a good puzzle, and certainly this one was intended to draw me down the rabbit hole…

And as I usually do when messages are cryptic, I asked a few intuitive friends for their thoughts. Each one gave a different answer, but each answer had relevance. I read the poem, more than once, and pondered each possible meaning. Days passed and then another dream came to me. This one per my request.

“Could you give me a message,” I asked her before I fell asleep, “Something, anything, to let me know what you think I should do.”

Instead of “Wonderland,” I was brought to Oz. You, as a reader, no doubt will already be drawing the parallels between the two. Sue is undoubtedly clever. But this was not exactly the Oz of Dorothy’s dream, this was an Oz designed for me. The journey, rich and filled with symbols at every turn I took, took me into a different aspect of something I either had overcome, needed to overcome, or was in the process of overcoming.

When I finally reached “Oz,” I found myself atop a magnificent waterfall. It was a straight down vertical dive from the height of at least the Eiffel tower. A wonderful source of power…then the dream shifted one more time.

Suddenly I was at the bottom of the fall and the water had been replaced by sand (note the parallels to “The Wizard of Oz” movie, as a friend pointed out, and the “sands of time.” Up a ladder I began to climb while the sand poured through the rungs. Using, somehow, only my left hand while my right clutched a stack of books. I hauled those books all the way to the top of that darn latter. Then, looking down far below, I released them. As they scattered into a circular on the ground, a woman appeared and laid in the bare space in the middle one book, The Wizard of Oz, smiled and left. After she left everything else disappeared and I found myself gazing into a sky so vast and beautiful it felt like heaven. Shapes formed out of the clouds, the first and more prominent of which was a lion.

Thank you, Sue. I get it, I think. Mostly. Now to find that courage within. 🙏

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15 thoughts on “The Land of Oz & Alice: Adventures in Dreamland #dreams #dreaminterpretation #dreamsymbolism

  1. Wow. I’m am glad you are having such wonderful dreams so full of symbolism and meaning where your beloved mentor Sue is guiding you. I like the way you released the books at the top of the waterfall and then saw a lion in the sky. I can’t help but think this a connection to Lion’s Gate on the 8th August. (Are you familiar with this – if not an internet search will take you into a wealth of information). From what I understand Lion’s Gate is a portal and this year it is particularly powerful. The gateway is opening now and will be fully open on 8:8. I have read, and feel within myself, that there is an opportunity for us to enter this year’s portal by releasing as much of our old ways of thinking and being as are ready to go. What lies beyond the portal I do not know but I have read that this year there is the potential to more fully enter into new Earth consciousness.

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    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I have heard of the Lion’s Gate, but will be looking it up for more information. It did feel like a big call for releasing what we carry with us and opening up to the true self. The Oz journey being all about coming home to the self and the knowing that what you seek is always within you. I have been contemplating going back to school to get a degree in counseling. It was interesting to see Sue’s reminder that I may choose to pursue that left-brain learning and carry those books up the ladder, but I’ll always have the left handed intuitive side (right brain) to guide me and ultimately the discovery may be that I don’t really need those “books.” Yet, we do still live in a world that values credentials, and I do have that desire to help people (especially young people) find the joy they may have lost when they move out of the innocence of childhood. Anyway, I will look up the lion’s gate. I was a beautiful, liberating, and very joy-filled experience to have that sky open up. I saw a city in the clouds and other images, but the lion’s face stood out for me the most clearly. I hope you are well. I always enjoy hearing from you and your perspectives. ❤️


      1. Going back to university iis a great idea. I diid it when my youngest child was a teenager. I got two degrees and learnt a great deal. I see intellectual learning as being an essential part of personal development. Bringing the intuitive knowings to sit alongside that is the way of the future I think. We need to be able to think critically and to assess information as well as feel our way into things. The Lion’s Gate idea popped into my head because you dreamt of a lion. Maybe your portal is about walking through the gateway into further study. Sounds exciting. All the best ❤

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    1. I thought of Narnia too! I forgot to write that part. There’s so much symbolism in the lion. It did feel as though I was gazing into a heaven-like scene. Thank you for sharing your lovely words. ❤️


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