The Alchemy of Sunlight on Water #healing #alchemy

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I found her under the waterfall curled into rebirth. Above, the sun wove a rainbow of colors into the droplets, creating an alchemy of water and fire. Charged with each wavelength of light, the waterfall caressed her skin, opening the pathways to cells where life is born. And I a mere witness to wonder

These days I don’t spend a lot of time in wonder. Instead, I find myself staring at the here-and-now, trying to live each moment as it arrives to the best of my abilities. Attempting to learning, in the never-ending process of discovery, what I can from this unfolding life. Each day brings a new challenge and sometimes I resist stepping into magic beyond the mundane.

I am always glad when I shed the coat of the everyday. Even though I don’t do much energy healing these days, I participate in a weekly distant healing circle. In the last session, the scene above unfolded as soon as I closed my eyelids to the energies of light. In the place of stillness, when my body opens to a consciousness beyond everyday thought, I step into the realm of wonderment. Often the inner sight fills with images and scenes and I find myself transported, for those minutes, into another realm of existence that goes beyond the mundane.

Yesterday, as the energy of healing love broke open my cells into their dance, I gazed upon a waterfall that caught the sun’s rays as it fell upon the receiving form. I have long been fascinated by water. It’s my primary element, followed closely by Earth, so perhaps it is not surprising. Simple in structure, with hydrogen bonded to oxygen, water’s properties and “magical” abilities defy logic. As water enters a vessel it adapts to the structure enfolding it, taking on its form. When something is placed into water, it is either repelled by water or its properties are adopted by it, whether they be color, odor, shape, taste, or structure. When water freezes, it grows in size instead of shrinks. When it’s heated, it turns into vapor. We can’t live without it. We are, in essence, mostly water.

It becomes us and we become it. As Dr. Emoto, and others who have worked with water have demonstrated, water also responds on an emotional level to its containers. Life, in turn, thrives when water is clean and structured by nature. When you stand near, or beneath a waterfall, you cannot help but feel energized by its presence. Some legends speak of disembodied souls gathering at waterfalls to be cleansed and purified of the imprints of life.

I doubt there are many who would argue that water has the potential to balance and cleanse the physical and emotional body. Adding salts, oils, herbs and other healing aides, enhances the healing effect of water, which is why detox baths are so popular and leave one feeling oh-so-much better after the bathing than before. Entering a body of salt water is like coming home. It’s, in many ways, a return to the state of the womb.

Waterfalls offer a different type of cleansing. Their energy drums the cells to life. Add sunlight to the falling water and alchemy occurs. It is the yang to water’s yin. The spark that ignites the potential of life. The result of this alchemy in the form of the visible rainbow never fails to inspire hope and awe in those who bear witness to it. Although I was not expecting to meet the above scene in my inner vision, I cannot think of a more fitting place for healing. If I could have brought her there in person, I would have, instead the place was brought to the circle that held her in healing. And it felt like both water and sun had come to offer their gifts of life to a beloved form.

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