Our Broken Moral Compass #usaelection #politics #ethics #morality

I am sitting here, again, trying to make sense of what feels like no sense. The idealist inside of me is struggling to comprehend how nearly 50% of the nation I call home can support a person who is by all moral codes so far from decent that we have redefined humanity. Or maybe we haven’t? Maybe we’ve always had 50% good and 50% bad inside of us and only now it seems we’ve given permission to let the bad overshadow the good.

But I am not okay with this and doubt I ever will be. I am not okay with a white man who cares only for himself ruling a nation in the grip of fear. I am not okay with racism, sexism, homophobia, repression, oppression, inequality, injustice, rape, and all the other aspects of that define what is morally reprehensible inside of us. I am not okay with the placement of one self above another. Yet here we are, again. And, here I sit in the midst of a currently undecided election wondering when and how it all went wrong. Again.

We have work to do. That is one thing that has become glaringly clear. Collective work. And, individual. I know I must ask myself am I doing enough? Am I doing what is right not only for myself, but for every being that shares this living planet with me. Right now all I want to do is weep, but weeping provides a temporarily relief to the pain of a collective wound that desperately needs tending.

And so I think perhaps I must look at the term service too, and what it means in the definition of the self within the whole and the whole within the self. And I think perhaps I must look at the term fear before I search through love. The fear that exists inside the individual self and inside the self that is the whole. I must ask myself what pieces am I willing to untangle and how far can the reach be extended? We are all, in some way, complicit in this state we have created for ourselves. Right now it feels like a living nightmare, but, if truth be told, this living nightmare has been playing out for thousands of years.

It is, thus, not surprising that we would resist waking from it. And, in turn, realizing that we need not enchain another who does not look on the outside the same as us, that we need not rape into submission, or ravage land that simply asks to nurture us. We have taken up arms in the defense of fear, we have long held the righteous hand of anger and mistrust, and we have long looked into the myopic lens of the “advancement” of the self over the whole. It’s then perhaps little wonder at all that we find ourselves at this place in time still holding fast to the defensive grip of our fears.

We travel through the shadowlands yet we are still resisting the light. It sounds cliche, but it is, nevertheless, truth. We are interdependent, intricately connected, bound through invisible webs that can tie us, or unite us. And, we must work through the individual self, to recognize the whole.

9 thoughts on “Our Broken Moral Compass #usaelection #politics #ethics #morality

  1. I feel your angst Alethea but as Bette said one by one you can and must make a difference. I am sure many share your sentiments but be sure you have many who support those sentiments from outside looking in …I for one weep for all the decent Americans…Hugs xx

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  2. You and I agree and are baffled, and it’s beyond me to understand it. Each day I can walk my path and work through my own shadows, and I do. May we one day collectively be in unity with goodness, decency, and kindness to all beings be our guide. May our country find its way to peace and love and true caring for its people.

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    1. Thank you, Ka, for your support and camaraderie. I have been thinking a lot about how impressionable the human mind is too, and how we must look at the damage that has been caused by this brain-washing narcissist in a position of power. We got (and perhaps still are) dangerously close to a Hilter-esque catastrophe and I do hope we can unravel this on a psychological level to heal.

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  3. Thanks Alethea for your heartfelt post. Although I don’t live in the US we have a similar spider’s web in my country. It’s better though that what’s coming up and out in the rough IS coming up and has to be faced – it’s a collective shadow and it is only if we each do our work that the thread can be ultimately ‘fixed’.

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