Monday Magic #SoapBubble #magic

Have you ever noticed how life has a way of bringing us joy even when we are immersed in our musings of the trials and tribulations we sometimes believe it is filled with? This morning, I found myself caught inside the web of difficulties after a somewhat trying weekend filled with highs and lows. I was lingering on the lows inside the quiet house of a Monday morning. I had just made some hot porridge and filled it with diced fall pears from the tree in our yard. The almond milk had been poured and a squeeze of amber honey added. Before I sat down to eat, I took the empty pot in which I had cooked my cereal, and carried it over to the sink. That’s when I saw the huge soap bubble sitting on the murky surface and everything inside of me shifted.

The magic of life is always there, patiently waiting for us to see it. I’m so glad I took that moment to breathe it in with my being, through the lens of the soap bubble reflecting the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen. At the far edge of the bubble I saw two tiny rectangles reflecting the window above. The image is a bit blurry, as I had to zoom the camera lens quite a lot to capture the movement of the light and colors. Still, I hope you enjoy it too, and it touches your day with magic.

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