A Better World Book Reviews #BookReviews #BookPromotions

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I have been contemplating writing and sharing book reviews on my blog for sometime, but the “how” did not morph into being until this morning as I was waking from sleep. I’ve never been quite comfortable with the idea of rating books. A book I may think is a 5, might be a 1 in someone else’s mind, and vice-versa. Instead of placing judgement, I’ve decided to showcase books whose inner essence is beautiful. Not because it is my opinion they are beautiful, but because they have been written with the hand of love, in all its myriad forms.

Books that support a vision for a better world.

A Better World of Books.

Therefore, I will be featuring and promoting books whose inner essence is light, in any form, whether they be poetry, picture books, nonfiction, visionary fiction, mixed-genre, or something else entirely. The only criteria is that each book holds inside its cover a vision for a better world. A world premised upon love and not hate, and where hope triumphs over despair. Books that empower the soul’s quest for light and truth. These are the books I am looking for.

Word are powerful. They drive our thoughts and our actions. They create our inner and outer realities. And, in a time where the darker side of humanity too often over-shadows the light in the media, I believe these books need to be shared and read more than ever.

If you are an author or poet of one of these books, please share it with me. Or, if you know someone who has written a book with a beautiful essence, please share this post with them. In return for a copy of the book, I will post a review without a rating that offers readers a window to the author’s vision for a better world.

I’d be honored to have you join me in this journey of building a Better World of Books!





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