Introducing #newwebsite #empoweringyouth #mindfulnesswebsite #warriorsoflight #thelabyrinth #mindfulness
   A companion site of the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series. 

I am pleased to announce the release of, a companion site for the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series I am writing. Those of you who have read book one, The Labyrinth, will recognize the characters Dell, Shesha, Sula, Lupe, Aponi and Ari, as well as a guest appearance from my personal favorite, Grandmother Crow, on the pages of the site.

Written from the character’s perspectives, the website offers a page for each of their focused teachings:


At “Intuition with Aponi,” visitors will discover the wisdom of the inner voice, and how it is always there, waiting to be heard.




Shesha takes readers on a journey through the chakras at “Shesha’s Energy Tips,” offering tips and exercises to liveShesha_Sketch a balanced, grounded, and connected life



GrandmotherCrow_FinalShadedGrandmother Crow makes a guest appearance as an interviewee as Ari’s spirit guide on his page “Spirit Helper’s with AriAri_Sketch




Dell_SketchWhile Dell explores the sometimes hidden realms and shares a few of her favorite “magical” photographs at “Dell’s Magical Realms.”



The power of the mind and living in the present moment is eco-warrior Lupe’s topic of choice on his Lupe_Sketchpage, “Mindful Living with Lupe.”



Sula_SketchAnd, Sula, the reader, shares her favorite (and growing, she loves suggestions 😉 books and more at “Sula’s Library of Resources.”



I’ve designed the site with the intention of interaction and expansion. There is an option to subscribe to a monthly newsletter where kids and teens can explore topics of interest in more depth, and write in with their questions and comments.

Above all, is meant to be a resource of discovery and exploration for kids of all ages (that means adult kids too!). I’d be honored to have you visit it and share it with anyone who might find it of interest.

Thank you!




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