I Dream of Listening to God on the Radio

An individual life in a sea of life

I was lying in a chamber under the sea. The murky green of the ocean and all of its life surrounded me. It was impossible to say where my body ended and it began, except I was aware of my presence and the sea of life around me. I was both observer and participant as I watched the dance of life, sometimes struggling to break free, sometimes weaving together. Dark shapes moving through the soupy sea in what felt like an endless play called “Life.”

In the background, somewhere unseen and only heard, was the voice of God on the radio.

“So, you are saying that the individual will eventually become the we?” the host asked.

“Yes. The individual is finite, the we is ever-lasting,” God replied.

My ears listened to the interview with God as my eyes watched the play of life searching for individuality around me. I felt their struggle as my own, sensing myself as separate from the whole that encompassed me. I felt lonely with separation until I gave way to the concept that felt like Truth of that everlasting “we” that was waiting. This inevitable return that was waiting not just for me, but for every being. Peace replaced fear and anxiety. The struggle of the individual cells to join into a self gave way to the rhythm of the sea, which I began to realize was a part of me. The fear of a loss that was only mine left me. This me that I called “I,” I realized, could never feel whole until it gave way and became the whole. I could live this life, and whatever ones that came after, to feel the struggle as I must, but I no longer would fear that inevitable union. That coming back to the whole never to be born, perhaps, again, into separation. For the eternal we felt like bliss.



6 thoughts on “I Dream of Listening to God on the Radio

      1. Suzanne

        Reading your dream gave me some insight into my own healing. I started reading Caroline Myss, the Medical Intuitive yesterday. The idea of we rather than me tallies with the some of the more transcendent themes she embraces.

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