Ten Beautiful Things Thursday

Sometimes we need a reminder of the beauty that is always present in and around us. Today is one of those days. In the aftermath of another horrific event involving children and a gun, I look to extract the light from the darkness. Here is what I find around me:

Om carved in wood
The OM symbol on my wall
  1. The OM carving on my wall leading up to my healing space looks like the causal realm is kissing the awakening realm.
  2. Yesterday, scrolling through photos of tragedy on FB, I discovered Morgan Freeman is transforming his property into a sanctuary for bees.
  3.  Two beautiful dogs rescued from an unknown fate fill my home with joy and laughter in a constant reminder of gratitude and love.
  4. The morning sun spotlights nature’s beauty and I need only look through the window to see it.
  5. With each breath, I can bring that same light deep into my body to charge my cells.
  6. When I go outside, I feel the quicking pulse of spring, which promises renewal.
  7. The gentle pour of water sings a lullaby.
  8. Warm oatmeal smells like sweet earth.
  9. A blueberry wears the imprint of a flower.
  10. When my mind searches for beauty, it opens to the wonder that is Life.

Please, if you feel moved to do so, include something beautiful that you have discovered in your life in a comment. May this day and all your days be graced with beauty. 

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