July’s Rainbow

I have decided that my favorite season is whatever one is present. Each month brings new gifts for the awakening senses. Even winter’s muddy March into spring and November’s shedding browns serve to unearth a deepening beauty, feeding the sensory appetite of cyclical growth.

Now I find myself in the middle of July, where the air hangs heavy over a landscape of abundance. Spring’s early greens have burst a rainbow of life that overwhelms the senses. Stepping into my garden, I am greeted with the full spectrum of color split into vibrant hues that attract a multitude of buzzing life. When I pause to take it all in, the effect is the intoxication of Nature: A deep breath beside a full-bloom rose. A tuned ear under the apple tree in early morning, its bows laden with song. The spiky silk of growth massaging  naked feet.  July’s banquet of color bears no rival for opened eyes…

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