The Gift of Wait

in wait
In Silence Find Your Truth

I find myself inside wait, yet I am not unhappy. Between the sprints of life there is that chance to breath before we run through the next event. During the periods of waiting, we can open ourselves to receive the gifts of silence.  If we go deep enough into that silence, reaching what Deepak Chopra calls “TheGap,” we find our answers. We find peace. We find love.

When the Universe gifts us with these moments of pause, it is not perhaps our duty, as much as our best-interest to receive. Instead of looking for something to fill the empty space, we can step inside of it. Alone, inside that stillness, we find connection.

Close your eyes (or leave them open, unfocused), quiet your body and empty your mind. Let your breath lead you to that place of solitude and open the door. When you reach “The Gap,”  you will discover that, in reality, you are not alone. Your cells hum with the song of the universe; you are not wholly of yourself, but a part of everything. This is your oppertunity to reprogram and realign with your truths.

Inside silence we hear the answers to our questions, for there is nothing to muffle the voice of our higher selves. In wait, find what you seek.

“When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth.” 

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