#Soar #writephoto

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


I dreamt of the voice shuttered

tight against the storm. Words

held behind the clouded window, urgent

We are here!

Blue feathers lined in black resting

in sunlit trees. Impossibly large

No, they cannot be mine

I doubted the possible

stroking the membrane of the quill

so many gathered stories filling

the space beneath, calling

through the echo of time

wondering why the throat

is like a storm cloud waiting to break

the sun. Wondering why

space needs to be confined while the bird

of truth lies in wait

for permission to soar

Once again, I had a feeling that Sue’s photo would echo my dreams. For Sue’s #writephoto writing prompt,#Soar.

The Current of Life #poetry #yogapoems

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Life continually humbles

Throwing me backward into the current

To tumble among rocks

Where am reminded that I am a collection

Of molecules adhered into a body

To experience unity, even though

The mind reaches for division

Parting the elements with thoughts

Breaking cohesion with beliefs of otherness

But when I am swept backward

Back into the current that is life

I am reminded of Truth

The essence of things broken down

Into origins. That I am a body flowing

With molecules holding hydrogen to oxygen

Bound to carbon stolen from a life before me

Realizing, I have borrowed this collected body

So that I might experience life gathered together

Before its bonds are broken, then gathered, once again

Into the ever-flowing current

The Body Beneath


The Body Beneath

The words sound like she is falling

apart, but she is coming together. Rebirth

is not measured in months. 9

years ago her body was a volcano

erupting with night to release repression

Dreams dwell in darkness more easily than light

and the voice that calls out to Truth must breach

the cloak that binds. She is a human

awakening through layers, shedding

the heavy garments of deception

while the body beneath blooms light

When did we forget


When did we forget

To dream inside a ravished land-

scape mal-nourished by greed’s stagnant

waters. Fear drips gray clouds

until the sun burst from that place

called hope.

When did we forget to wake

beside love? Nightmares spread from the inside

trapping time in their blind search for light.

We carry the memory of balance

on a scale of truth, waiting

for the collective heart

to beat a steady rhythm

again. I have seen promise

slip through cracks. A child

too small to carry someone else’s

pain. I have seen joy flash

brilliant hues in the blink between