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Last night I watched a ship disappear

one life, followed by another, until the last

was swallowed by water lidded with ice

nothing left behind but despair

They say pay attention to colors

in dreams, the screen before me looming

in shades of gray and white while I stood

a part of the spectrum of rainbow light with my son

in the shadows. This lesson on despair

sinking before us and I feeling only



The Song of Change

IMG_9874 The song of repression
Inside you and me
One billion voices
Sound like silence
Until the ear chooses to hear

Today one billion notes are singing
Through​ cellular walls
Can you hear them?
They sound like an unchained
Bass notes dancing with sopranos
Spiraling into unity
Harmonizing our cells
Back to Light


This poem was written in honor of all who have endured the abuses of repression and acts of violence. We are hearing your songs, keep singing them into the beautiful harmony of change. 

In the space between hope


In the space between hope

the refuge of want hides

inside amorphous wings

you were not born to wait

for the golden sun to shine

upon you

shake this dusty


feel the heart break

the cage that holds it


stagger against the beat

until you find





explore darkness

and you will reach

eternal light

When did we forget


When did we forget

To dream inside a ravished land-

scape mal-nourished by greed’s stagnant

waters. Fear drips gray clouds

until the sun burst from that place

called hope.

When did we forget to wake

beside love? Nightmares spread from the inside

trapping time in their blind search for light.

We carry the memory of balance

on a scale of truth, waiting

for the collective heart

to beat a steady rhythm

again. I have seen promise

slip through cracks. A child

too small to carry someone else’s

pain. I have seen joy flash

brilliant hues in the blink between