The Global Heart #poetry

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I cannot help thinking of the heart

and life’s breath held in separation

A viral wrap, searching for community

opening the return of the forgotten

goddess. She peers green eyes of the forest

through locks of fire. An earthen trunk

rooted to the life lines. Horns tuned

to the stars, bridging the divide

How everyone is feeling

the broken as fear’s seize spreads dis-

ease. Time, collapsing and morphing

twisting minutes too surreal to be real

Too real to be false. Lies breaking the voice

gasping for air through constricted lungs

while she breathes her return, softly beckoning

from the shadows. Can you see me now?

she asks. The key is held in your heart

and all

The Choice


The Choice

You are a seed of stars
ready to burst into light

don’t wait for sunnier days
when the ground unfolds
its green bed and life wakes
in a chorus of color

inside of you an eternal spring waits
ready to bloom

it can grow with each breath
kissing forgotten cells with love

where will you place your sacred
lips? To whom will you give life?

fear is a vampire
a vacuum
a black hole dissolving air
and light into the void of darkness
but you can chose where to send
your breath, your light
your love

you can choose
in each moment
how to live