Unfolding #poetry #yoga

To tumble out of the unfolding draw in a breath

Remember who you are

Remember the child who knew how to dance with light

Your doorway to truth

Like Alice peering into the Looking Glass without fear

Grab ahold of wonder

Dive into the ripening

You the vine, but also the seed

Arising from the place of beginnings

Everything already coded

waiting to break open

To reach beyond the ground

draw down light and spread the tender vine

Rejoining the spiral dance

The Global Heart #poetry

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I cannot help thinking of the heart

and life’s breath held in separation

A viral wrap, searching for community

opening the return of the forgotten

goddess. She peers green eyes of the forest

through locks of fire. An earthen trunk

rooted to the life lines. Horns tuned

to the stars, bridging the divide

How everyone is feeling

the broken as fear’s seize spreads dis-

ease. Time, collapsing and morphing

twisting minutes too surreal to be real

Too real to be false. Lies breaking the voice

gasping for air through constricted lungs

while she breathes her return, softly beckoning

from the shadows. Can you see me now?

she asks. The key is held in your heart

and all

Frozen #WritePhoto #lovepoetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


In the midst of a world that appears frozen

follow the purple path within

Know that beyond the shadows holding darkness

there is always a source of light

reflecting truth. Waiting to melt the way

as it softens the heart that would stay cold

Indifference is the face of fear grown tired

Used to the battered landscape, the eyes refuse to see

the false hold. And so we remain frozen together

in stasis, an inert body wanting to be held

until the fever burns once again

into love


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Gardens of Roses #poetry #grandmothers #roses


Gardens of Roses

My grandmother visits me in the garden

as I cut dead limbs from the azalea

I can smell her soap and perfume

The love I once longed for

opens the pores on my arms

She knows there are roses

newly planted. The dirt turned over brown

wraps their roots in memoriam. In the hidden

chambers of my ears I hear her voice

calling “Leethie” and we smile

together through time

Despair #Poetry #hope #despair




Last night I watched a ship disappear

one life, followed by another, until the last

was swallowed by water lidded with ice

nothing left behind but despair

They say pay attention to colors

in dreams, the screen before me looming

in shades of gray and white while I stood

a part of the spectrum of rainbow light with my son

in the shadows. This lesson on despair

sinking before us and I feeling only



Baba Ghanoush #poetry #foodpoetry

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Baba Ghanoush 


I barely slept, although sleep gave me dreams as proof

before I crept downstairs and slipped

into the haze of slow time. Sometimes the body’s rush is ceased

by the unseen hand. Acceptance the only release. Late

yesterday, the deer returned in a pair to eat fallen apples

but the dog ran through my distraction of the cat

who watched without movement. Stilled in time

Before breakfast, I opened the door to pull weeds

thinking of how fast they grow and take over

space. When I ate late, the waffle was cold

and I left the table feeling undefined

noting the softened eggplants on the counter

One the color of the hidden eye

the other mottled by the crown. I brought the pair outside

turned the grill’s surface into a flame, and roasted

their skins black, peeling after the insides liquified

thinking of caterpillars and butterflies, I pulsed

their remains with tahini, smashed cloves of garlic,

the juice of half a lemon, and pink salt from a faraway sea

until the house smelled of baba ghanoush and my thoughts

turned once again to night and shade and whether you can have

too much darkness, and how the sun in excess

blinds the eyes to sight

The Vast Unbroken #Span #WritePhoto #yogapoetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

You travel swiftly in this river

called life. Rushing over rocks

pulling your weight around sharp

corners, creating the froth

of exertion. Yet

your span is infinite

in stillness and

when the flow becomes

a harmony to the rhythm

within. One vast body

boundless. A life without

edges, blending all matter

soothes the sides of resistance

with the awakened pulse

it is both the bridge

and the current

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