#Honour #writephoto #poetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Even after death, the self is contained

in a sheath of armor

A plastic rose defies decay

above an empty womb

Preservation of the outer

causes sterility of the inner

Yet we stand in reverence

of the the battle. The hero

who offers life

and takes life in valor

who said, “I have won this war”

for you

The sword powerful only

by the hands

now broken

to reveal the heart


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Stark #Writephoto prompt #SueVincent

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

The ever-green is a ruse of defiance

To time that cannot stand still

The bare limbs stark

Bone-gray, curled & broken

Are also a ruse

Of death

Life stirs beneath the surface

Nibbling the nutrients of decay

Yesterday’s brilliant yellow will dim to brown

Fall with the forgotten

Piled into equality

The worm cares not from which tree it falls

Blind to what the eyes see

It feeds on what’s left behind

Recycling the outer

To feed the inner

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