When I was in college at Bowdoin I took an anthropology class taught by a very bright and energetic professor. One day the professor told us a story about the artifacts that she had collected and displayed on a shelf in her house. They were from all over the world. Many were old, carrying the energies of countless hands. One day, as she stood in her room with them, all of the stone figures fell towards her, landing in a circle around her.

I was very much a skeptic in college, having yet to open myself up to awareness. Still, I secretly believed my professor. She was down-to-earth and incredibly bright. There was no indication that she was trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but rather take it off. If I had been taking the class now, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

I spent this afternoon pondering the fairy figurine (see photo below) that is perched on a shelf beside the window I face when I type on my computer. I always face the figurine to the right, towards my etched glass of two dancing fairies. When I looked up from typing my emails earlier today it was facing left, 180 degrees, its outstretched arm beckoning towards an orchid. I was the only one home today (but just to double-check I asked my family later if they had moved it. No). I dusted the shelf yesterday, and as I always do, faced the fairy to the right. I knew someone was trying to tell me something.

Maybe I was supposed to water the plants and give them some fertilizer. So I put a few drops in the can and gave the houseplants, including the orchid, a drink.  I was just covering bases though, clearly the fairies were trying to communicate with me. Heck, even my dog knows they’ve been trying to get my attention for months.

I just had to figure out what it was. I started by asking Doreen Virtue’s deck of Healing with the Fairies cards and drew “Environmental Awareness.” Anyone who knows me would not be surprised. I guess it’s time to buckle up, listen and pay attention, which is what I did for the rest of the afternoon. Here’s to another leg of my journey! Stay tuned…


I was surprised by the lightning, even though I had welcomed the steady rain that promises to fill the day with the possibility of quiet reflection, meditation and writing. I began by spreading the oracle cards from Steve Farmer’s deck Earth Magic, in a circle upon my coffee table. Twice I let my hand gravitate to the cards at the top of the circle before I pulled out Lightning/Power, and looked at the orange fire spread in a vein of electricity  touching the turquoise crest of waves. There are rocks along the shore, the trees lean against the pull of the wind. The sky is indigo. Least I doubt my choice of cards,  Farmer’s guidebook folded open to its page.

I spread tiger-eye, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise and carnelian agate around my pillar of unpolished rose quartz, guarded it with my white angel and lit the pink candle on the table. I was ready to welcome power in whatever form it wanted to speak to me, but first I placed amethyst in my left palm and angelite in my right. Closing gently my fists, I felt the pulses of crystal energy.

I spent about an hour in meditation, letting my thoughts come and go, feeling the hiccup of my breath against my heartbeat. I cannot tell you everything I saw or felt, because some things are stored only for our experience and not for memory. I can tell you that Angelite brought three animal totems to me. First came Seal, a new visitor, wearing the gray silk of creative waters. Then Bat appeared, another surprise, upside down like the Hanged Man card in tarot. (Yesterday I found myself thinking about this card and how it relates to rainbows. That red energy turned towards the sky.) Bat evokes nighttime, like the Power/Lightning card I drew. It foreshadows a time of transition and initiation. I heard the rustle of the crystals still left in their bags beside me. Bat reminds us that there is rebirth out of darkness if we are willing to let the old die to make way for new life. Through facing our fears we can become empowered. The last two nights I shifted through the clutter of old fears still nesting inside of me. I entered dreams within dreams, analyzing the residue of bathrooms, wiping feces from white walls. I tried to resist, but could not, the scattering of superficial beauty tangled into necklaces in boxes and scattered like dust under beds…

After I watched Seal and Bat appear, my old friend, Snake stopped by, twisting its body into dance, its head lifted with two wide eyes daring mine to close. I must tell you that before, during and after these three animals appeared to me, my body was experiencing pockets of pain.  I watched yellow/white energy transfer to my more closed-off right side of my body in gentle waves. This was easy compared to the dis-ease stored in my belly, that center of  power. Nausea came and the impulse to pull out of my meditation. From outside my body I felt my breath deepen as it traveled to the source of the pain, urging release of the old, stored energy to make way for new. This, was not easy.   Hovering at the base of my spine was a spinning vortex, its hum lifting, energizing. The kundalini of Snake. And then there was that dark pit, deep inside my lower right abdomen. I felt and heard my breath deepen its pull as it worked to release an energy accumulation beyond this life. I put my feet on the floor, welcoming the red energy of Earth to aid my breath, feeling the easy hum inside my left foot, but not my right.

This morning I took my first dose of my decreased thyroid medication. 88. A double-dose of infinity. It’s just the beginning.