#TuesdayBookBlog ~ As it Was in the Beginning…

New book by Jaye Marie:

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

Although I used to dream about writing when I was younger, life made sure I forgot to remember this, always finding new ways to keep my mind from straying.

Even when my sister, Anita started to write and needed help with transcribing and editing, my own dreams stayed dormant.

Life continued to throw some major curve balls.

I learned to love editing, mainly to keep from drowning under life’s misery and frustration. Anita’s characters and stories somehow gave me hope that everything would one day be better.

I needed a lot of patience at that time, and editing is an exceptionally good way of teaching this!

I’m not sure where the first idea came from, but I began to think about writing a story about a woman called Kate Devereau. Someone remarkably like me, as it happens.

I refused to admit it would be a memoir or in any way…

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