Recycling and Climate Change…18th May 2020…and Covid-19…

This week in Eco New from CarolCooks2:

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of recycling and climate change news from around the world. Covid-19 is still dominating the news many countries now are relaxing their quarantines and already some are seeing an increase in new cases.

Thailand is not as yet but they were prepared as were the other countries in south-east Asia…Having dealt with Sars and other pandemics Asia is prepared…We don’t have a problem wearing masks and many do regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic.

We don’t protest we just accept that there will be quarantines and social isolation and get on with it…

Not so in most western countries people object…well it’s not being weak, scared or stupid or even controlled it’s me being considerate…The government is not controlling me…I am a contributing adult to society…I am wearing the mask not for me but for you…

Are you wearing one…

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