In an important reminder to practice compassion over selfishness at times of crisis by Sue Vincent:

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I don’t need a lot. My personal shopping for the week would probably not half-fill a basket at the supermarket, let alone a trolley. I usually pick up what I need at a ‘corner shop’ and seldom have more than a day or two’s food in the pantry. The dog eats better, though, so every so often, a visit to the big store becomes a necessity to which I strongly object at the best of times.

Sunday was not the best of times.

The roads were all unusually empty. Sunday retail therapy seems to have become a family outing for many and the roads are often busier than during the week.  I thought that perhaps people were staying home to avoid possible infection, rather than hitting the shops.

Apparently not. They were all at the supermarket.

It took ages to find a parking spot, then armed with my empty basket…

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