Chakra Immune Support and Anxiety Management

Mommy Mystic

We are all seeking ways to adjust to this new reality right now, and I seriously considered whether I should add to the ‘noise’ with a blog post at all. But different tools work for different people, and so in that spirit I wanted to offer something for those of you who resonate with chakra work.

First is basic immune support. All of our chakras are involved in our overall immune response, as they are each linked into our glandular/endocrine system that supports our immune system. But focusing on flow and balance between the lower three chakras provides the base that we need to boost our entire immune system energetically. Our first/root provides grounding in the body and adrenal support, our second/sacral provides reparative and regenerative energy (think energetic stem cell energy), and our third/navel provides centering and supports healthy boundaries on all levels.

To gently activate and energize these…

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