Recycling and Climate Change…2nd March 2020…Good news all round…

This week’s recycling news from CarolCooks2:

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of the latest news on Climate Change and recycling…Thank you so much to everyone who reblogged and commented last week…Your comments are valuable to me and even when I am feeling a little up they brighten my day…It is lovely to see how many of you are doing what you can to recycle, buy local, grow your own very heartening…

My post on making charcoal last week also received many comments and it made me think especially when I read about friends who are having regular outages where they live it made me thing=k that many people would really be at a loss if they didn’t have electric and that maybe we should be thinking of alternatives …Just in case…

Once again Tori has provided me with a bit of news on circular recycling…Thank you, Tori...

Mexican engineers have created a bio-material…

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