Laying a trail…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I pulled the camper-van into the parking spot and woke my companion. While he set about making coffee in the snazzy little kitchen, I rummaged in the storage compartment for the tool kit and another sign. We had done well so far, fixing the new signage to their designated posts across the length and breadth of Scotland. We were working our way down, visiting all our old haunts, more even than I could remember… and with England and Wales yet to come, we were having a fabulous trip.

I stood back to assess my handiwork as Stuart joined me, a steaming mug of coffee in each hand. We toasted the sign, feeling yet again the undiminished thrill… I honestly didn’t think it would ever grow stale. It was, after all, a writer’s dream…

And that was the problem, it was a dream… vivid, emotional… and only if the universe were…

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