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Why the furore?


Freyja, the Vanir, is foremost Goddess of fertility.

To give her up would mean forfeiting control

of the regenerative cycle.


To lose the sun along with her

would consign the world of the Gods

to a void of freezing darkness.


It would be the death of the Ego.


Clearly, then, it is a mark of divinity to understand

the interdependence of the sun and earth.


To recognise that while these heavenly bodies

are ostensibly oppositional in nature,

their relationship is one of inter-play,

as the symbol above, itself, suggests,

rather than anything more ‘sinister’ or war-like.


To identify with one or other of them

rather than with the symbiosis as a whole

would be to call forth unbalanced force.


Enter, the Sly One…

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