2020 and it’s time to get real

A devastating reminder of the state of our world:

Being in Nature

Here in Australia bushfires rage across large swathes of the country.   People have lost their lives;   well over a thousand homes have been destroyed (many areas are currently inaccessible so no one really knows how much damage has been done);   millions of animals have died – it is feared entire species are being wiped out; thousands of people have been stranded on beaches as fire rages all around them – this includes the very sick, the very young, the elderly, and single mums with  several little children to look after.  The military is in the process of evacuating people by ship and helicopter.    In some places further inland the helicopters can’t get in to rescue people because the smoke is so thick.   Access roads to many rural areas are cut because of fire and falling trees.

Power is cut in many places and the internet is down.   Many places…

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2 thoughts on “2020 and it’s time to get real

    1. I agree it would take dramatic changes, but I believe the choice is in our hands. We have the means, but not a global drive. Unfortunately the power to make real changes is held in the fists if a few, as you said.


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