Ani’s Advent Calendar 2019! ~ Stocking Filler?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa,

That’s it… we’re on our way! Counting down to turkey-time! It is time to start the calendar and, this year, I have loads of my friends, two-legs and four,  coming over to share their Christmas stories!

She’s already up to stuff, though. I’ve seen her, hiding things… I just hope that there are no new antlers this year…

Have a word with her, Santa. Maybe, if you come to her this year, you could bob some antlers on her while she sleeps… see how she likes it, eh? Knowing her, though, she’d just laugh… and then put them on me anyway. My two-legs has a weird sense of humour.

She’s not all bad, though. In fact, sometimes, she’s pretty good and does some good stuff. Like the Tennis Ball Tree the two of you made for me with the chicken flavoured star on top.

She says it…

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