Whimsical Wednesday…with Carol…

A dream turned reality. The video is well-worth ten minutes of your day:

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome it is that time of the week and tomorrow for all those who celebrate it is Halloween…Enjoy! Please share photos would love to see your beautiful decorated homes…

Then it will be the start of the Christmas preparations…But before that, there is an election in the UK I have just been informed….I do hope if you have a vote you will use it wisely…The right to vote was hard-won by Mrs. Pankhurst, Emily Davison, Sophia Duleep Singh, Maud Arncliffe Sennett, Dora Thewlis, Kitty Marion, and many others…

Please vote for all these ladies who suffered imprisonment, force-feeding and even death for the rights of a woman to vote. I will be voting by proxy…

A sad week this last week as my grandson’s great-grandma passed away…I t was our first Thai funeral …It was so different from anything I had experienced…ever…Everyone came together the street was blocked off for…

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